Customer Information

Useful information for our valued customers:

Please make sure your home us accessible to us by either providing a key or making other arrangements. All keys are kept secure and are not coded.

Security alarms: 
If your home has a security alarm, please make sure that it is turned off or provide us with a code to disarm your system. We will not be responsible for false alarms if the security system has not been disarmed before our arrival.

Valuable items: 
Please inform us of any valuables that you do not want us to touch. Sometimes accidents happen when handling items and it is never our intention to purposely break your belongings. In the event that something is broken, we will inform you immediately and we can discuss how the item can be repaired or replaced.

If you have animals in your home, we ask that you have them secured before our arrival.

Equipment and supplies: 
We provide our own vacuum equipment and cleaning supplies. Clients should provide their own mop to prevent the spread of germs and animal hair. We also ask that you provide paper towels and trash bags. If you require specific cleaning products, please provide these products upon our arrival.

Preparing for your cleaning:
Please pick up clothes, toys, dishes, mail and other loose items before we arrive for your scheduled appointment to ensure a satisfactory experience.