Why I Love of Quilting

Blog Jan 13, 2014 Comments Off on Why I Love of Quilting

The first quilt I ever received was made with love by my mom. It’s not fancy but it’s beautiful and comforting and will always be my favorite. If I need some comfort, it’s the first thing I grab for because my mom made it. Without knowing, she started my love of quilts.

Good Lincoln 021Fast forward to a rainy trip to the beach with by best friend Kelly. When were out antiquing – supporting the locals – we came across a flyer about a quilting show at a local rec center. Unsurprisingly the room was full of older ladies sharing their handmade works of art. What was surprising was that the quilts were beautiful – even awe-inspiring.

Kelly was so inspired that she took a quilting class then came by house to show me how. She even bought me a kit to get started. Two hours later I was ready to go and have pieced together 14 quilts in the two years since (three shown here). I truly enjoy choosing the fabrics and patterns and giving quilts to the people I love.

Good Lincoln 109What’s so special about quilts? They provide comfort. Whether you’re not feeling well, chilling out watching a movie or just having a bad day, wrapping yourself in a quilt – especially one made just for you – is like a big hug. That comfort is started from the time you are born until the end of life.

For me, I get so much satisfaction and relaxation making quilts. I look forward to quilting every night; it’s become my religion. I feel relaxed and happy quilting and feel even better when I give a finished product to a dear friend or family member.

058Quilting is really in. I’ve seen teenagers and older folks quilting as well as everyone in between. If you’d like to learn more about how to quilt, where to shop for fabric or connecting with other quilters, just let me know. I’d love to hear from you about quilting or your passions.

~ Esther