Giving a Helping Hand & Gaining Inspiration

Blog Mar 18, 2014 Comments Off on Giving a Helping Hand & Gaining Inspiration

When you’re in someone’s home on a regular basis, you really bond with them over time. The years just roll along. Sometimes bad things happen, like illness and death. When I see my clients go through tough times, I try to help out in any way possible. Sometimes I adjust their schedule or squeeze in extra cleanings. For Betty, who is a recent widow, I bring her food and check on her. She is so sweet and I’m happy to be someone she can turn to.

elderly-helping-hand1Another client, Sandy, also a widow, is such an inspiration to me. I truly love her with all my heart. A while back her husband was diagnosed with cancer and passed on very quickly. It would be perfectly understandable if she was depressed and didn’t want to leave the house, but she is completely the opposite. She’s so positive and active. She really inspires me to try my best and never give up even when I don’t feel like it.

Recently, a client who has always been active and healthy started having horrible back problems. We helped her clean and reorganize so it was easier to reach what she needed. I felt bad that she was going through a tough time but glad that I could be of assistance.

The bottom line: We want to help our clients. I care for my clients, especially the ones who are in need of help, support and companionship. I have been cleaning for many clients for years and have developed special relationships with them. I’m always willing to take on clients who are suddenly in need of a cleaning service.

My clients have taught me to stay strong, ask for help, and be appreciative of all kinds of relationships and support. My hope is that we can help ease the burden of any family going through a difficult time. If you know of someone who I can help, please let me know.