Restroom Diaries: Fratellis Italian Steakhouse

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Fratellis front entranceWho remembers Staley’s, the old steakhouse on Reynolda Road? Today it looks COMPLETELY different as the site of Fratellis – an upscale and inviting restaurant.

When I took a look around, the manager told me the comfortable leather chairs came from the old Noble’s Grill in High Point. They definitely add to the warm ambiance. Additionally, the large historic photos of 1930s Winston-Salem police detectives, an old Krispy Kreme delivery truck and a tobacco warehouse provide a unique touch.

What I love most about this restaurant and bar is how clean it is, especially the restroom! It’s so different too – dare I say sexy – with all that black tile. Even the toilets are black. The décor is elegant, simple and feels special. And the vanity is so nice it makes me want to set up my blow dryer and get to work.

Beautiful tile

Beautiful tile

It definitely checks a few boxes on my “must have” list.

  • Privacy
  • Dim lighting
  • Clean smell
  • Beautiful decor

Check, check, check and check!

The whole experience is an elegant package – the wonderful atmosphere, the décor, the service, the tables and yes, the restrooms, all go together for an unforgettable evening!

Did you know the name means “brothers” in Italian? You can tell a family has put a lot of time and passion into the place. If you’ve been to Fratellis, did you go to the ladies room and what did you think?

Luxurious black sinks

Luxurious black sinks

Love the black tile and toilet

Love the black tile and toilet

Restaurant Restrooms – Do you critique them too?

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I’m a clean freak! There, I said it. I can’t help it. Everywhere I go I notice the cleanliness of my environment. Call me crazy, but lately I’ve been noticing restaurant bathrooms. Some are fabulous and some are a mess. I notice everything about them – the look, the lighting, the smell and even the details.

women's roomI love to go out and treat myself (or better yet have someone else treat me) to a fabulous meal. I enjoy every aspect – the atmosphere, the décor, the service and of course the food. And you know what is just as important to me? You guessed it: the lav, the WC, the powder room, the ladies … the BATHROOM! It speaks volumes about my overall impression of the restaurant.

Here are some of things I look for:

  • 013Are the stalls nice and private? … not a fan of the wide cracks
  • Is there enough TP and is it easy to get out? Also, I don’t want to see pieces of it stuck to the toilet, the floor and especially not my foot!
  • Are the doors easy to open, close, lock and look germ free?
  • You have to notice the toilet seat, right? You want it to look as dry and clean as possible. Don’t get me started on those paper seat covers that never flip the right way.
  • Isn’t it nice when there’s a discreet and neat trash receptacle in the stall for that time of month? Also, the main trash should not be overflowing onto the floor.
  • How could I not mention the smell? Love the smell of fresh lemons, not the city sewer! Nothing is more of a turn off after a lovely meal than a stinky bathroom.
  • 5 points sinkIsn’t it nice when there are hooks for bags in the stalls?
  • When you get to the sinks, don’t you love when you can wave on the water to wash hands? I prefer a nice strawberry soap – creamy smooth, not the cheap stuff.
  • Finally, dim lighting, music, amenities (hand lotion and mints), flowers, and upscale décor are always a plus!

If you’re obsessed like me, you’ll appreciate my upcoming blogs where I actually critique local Triad business restrooms. So, if you’re an owner, hold your breath or better yet let me know if you have a bathroom that’s as clean your kitchen. If you’re an observant diner like me, comment below to let me know about some of your faves – or least favorite local bathrooms.